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New Telkomsel Call Center to improve service quality

The presence of a new Telkomsel call center, is Caroline or online customer care, is something that is greatly welcomed by consumers.This is not unusual because the services provided can actually make consumers;one form of service provided is not stopping for 24 hours.

These services certainly make consumers feel safe and comfortable. How not, consumers can file all complaints and problems without time limits. Consumers can file a protracted claim without fear of staying outside of working hours. It is undeniable that call centers play an important role for loyal customers of the company.

Not only is it a platform to accommodate customer complaints, call centers also play a role in providing valid education and information from the company. This makes it impossible for consumers to repeatedly check on various sources to get the facts of the data. In addition, it is an opportunity to increase sales for the company through attractive offerings.

Telkomsel Call Center for Loyal Customers

 Before the new Telkomsel call center policy, certainly before August 2017, Telkomsel customers can contact number 155 for the service center.To use the service at number 155 there is no charge or fee.

The lack of fees or fees certainly makes consumers happy. Consumers do not need to prepare a special budget to use the service. Consumers are free to file a complaint or request information related to the product.

This is as revealed by the general manager of Telkomsel’s customer service management division, that the new Telkomsel call centre plays a very important role not only as a division to deal with complaints and complaints from customers. but also against the latest products launched in the market.

This means that when there are products that have been launched on the market, but it appears to be still obstacles or even not ready, the role of call centre officials in providing education and services becomes very important. Not to keep its existence cannot be put on the company.

The department is very important to support other departments, such as marketing or sales. After marketing or selling offers the product to consumers, call centers play a role in serving complaints, obstacles and complaints relating to products that have been offered by marketing or sales.

How to contact a new telecommes centre

To contact a new call center, of course, it’s different than before. especially for a call center contact before August 2017 or about four years ago. For Telkomsel customers, both simpati and card users, if you want to contact the call center, you can go to number 188.

Changing customer service numbers from 155 to 188 has certainly become company policy. To contact call center 188 and connect with a customer service officer, you are certainly charged a very friendly fee in the pocket, which is Rp. 300 for one call. Of course, the rate is very cheap.

You don’t have to prepare a big credit. If you have a credit of Only Rp. 5,000, you can already use the service without time limits, which means on demand. So there is no need to worry about losing a lot of credit.

Caroline, The New and Sophisticated Telkomsel Call Center

The new Telkomsel Call Center is Caroline. Caroline is a paragraph for online customer care. As an integrated service for all Telkomsel customers, Caroline provides a satisfying service. is a nonstop 24-hour service. Caroline has also spread across major cities and will certainly expand its reach considering telkomsel customer numbers are also very large.

According to Telkomsel, they revealed that Caroline receives a lot of phone calls every month. That is about 1.4 million people. The Fantastic numbers are not surprising. This is considered to be equivalent to the number of Telkomsel consumers that are circulating in cities and regions.

Of its approximately 1.4 million residents, according to statistics, more than 90 percent of existing calls can quickly connect directly to customer service officers. That was within 15 seconds. The customer service officer team does not have to question the core capabilities of the company’s products.

In providing the best, Telkomsel not only provides insight into the company’s products but also the culture of the area. Understanding local culture is a key to providing services to customers. So managing or managing consumers with a certain and diverse culture, is not a difficult thing for Caroline’s officials.

This is what gives consumers from different regions the best service. Consumers still feel comfortable even though they have a different cultural background from the authorities. Because Caroline officials can be adjusted and optimized.

Caroline’s contact number varies for customers. Good for Telkomsel card customers inside and outside the country to cooperate with merchants. You can search for official information on telkomsel’s website in order to get the right contact number and be able to contact it.

Customer relationship management, good relationship management system with customers

Caroline has a new Telkomsel call center system, i.e. customer relationship management; it is undeniable to the importance of the system for enterprise organizations. the service management system to make good management for customer and corporate relationships. starting with recording and storage to record sales activity.

The benefit of the CRM system is that all forms of interaction and communication with customers as well as from various platforms can be best monitored. Through platforms and services. Whether it is using a phone or a chat. Consumer information is of course what matters, of course, the company will keep it secret. Telkomsel can control all forms of communication that have occurred.

For example, a customer service team and a customer interacted. However, the customer service team does not happily serve consumers, so companies can monitor employee performance and use them to improve. An example of the root cause of the problem is that because customer service teams are not used to handling customers, companies will find solutions.

The solution the company uses is to improve capabilities or training. However, if a team of customer officers is really competent, it’s just that they don’t properly follow the service process or according to SOPs, then such behaviour can be a corporate step in making policy decisions.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management with integration system services certainly contains consumer personal information. Such as phone beer, name, residence and so on. Not only can customer issue information be stored in the system. In order for the customer service team to see the information placed as the best supply process.

When consumers contact a team of customer service officers, they will be able to respond. The feedback provided is absolutely short-term and accurate according to the proprietary database. The information is certainly very important. Of course the company will guarantee it. So, you no longer need to hesitate to use the new Telkomsel call center service.

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