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peek a at http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat untuk Kue Dongkal Delicious

Many of you may not know the traditional recipe cakes available at http this recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat . Yes, Dongkal Cake or also known as Awug Cake is a kind of traditional foodie native to West Java. These foods taste sweet and sweet.

In a sense, the appearance of this traditional dough is similar to the putu cake cake that is often sold, because this recipe also contains palm sugar. This unique sweet and sweet flavor makes Dongkal Cake a very popular cake for people and is still widely sold today.

In fact making this traditional cake is not difficult. But, there are certain tips to be made to make the style and texture of the meal delicious and mouth-appropriate. Because, if it is a mistake in the process, it is possible that the Dongkal cake you make will have a solid shape and can be unsweetened.

New ingredient selection and proper processing techniques are key to the cake’s potential success in culture. Quoting from the http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat, here are some tips and recipes for making dongkal cakes that are delicious and delicious and have become a family favorite. You can start your studies.

Dongkal Cake Preparation Tips For Making Ingredients

The biggest step you need to make before you start the process of making dongkal skin is to prepare a variety of ingredients that are needed. To make this cake, the ingredients aren’t actually very hard to find. In fact, you only need a few great things like rice flour, palm sugar, coconut and pandanus.

Make sure that producing you use new material. For example, when choosing a coconut, choose a new coconut so that your dongkal dough dough dough will soften and the flavored flavor feels without smell. You can use the flour itself in the rice until it is smoother and produces the flour.

To use palm sugar you can use it in a strict or takaar form. If you used filtered palm sugar you would be better off. It is intended that the sugar does not spread too much and yet tastes sweet in the mouth without being disturbed when it is peeled.

Don’t forget to also prepare new pandan leaves. The use of pandan leaves in dongkal cake is to make soft and fragrant cookie dough. Similarly when eaten, it is not only the sweet and sweet taste, but there is also a distinct aroma which corrupts the mouth even more so.

Aside from the big four things just now, don’t hesitate to add salt as needed. The aim is to make the flavor or flavor of a balanced dongkal cake. Not only the sweet and coconut flavors, but also deliciously sweet as he has http recipe the recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat.

Attention to Steps When Steaming Rice Flour

After preparing the various ingredients needed to make dongkal cakes, you can now proceed to the next stage, which is the technical stage or the cake making. Of course this is the time to wait. In addition the tools as easy as they are to find, how to do it is no less simple, even for beginners.

http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat offers recipes and produces measures that you can put into practice directly. The first is to prepare rice flour, where you have to roll the rice on until it is neatly sifted and sifted. But if you are ready for rice flour, you can immediately boil with white leaves.

Then, a few pieces of pandan leaves to make it smell. If so, you can begin to steam both of these. Don’t forget to breed down using a clean saadi cloth. Wait up to 20 minutes for the steam time. If it was 20 minutes, you can remove the steaming ship and let it cool.

At one cold time you can transfer it to another container by adding a few salts. Then forgive the cud in his hand, adding a little water to it. Make sure the dough is foraged but still coagulates when shaped by hand. And then, sort the joints to evenly distribute it doesn’t have large lumps.

Diyaari fillings you Caaryada dyou Dongkal Cake

The next step in http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat making a delicious dongkal cake is to print it before it starts to steam again. If the dough is kneaded and ready to use you can prepare the next tool, which is a tip measured in a diameter of 12 cm. You put the dough a little bit in a bit.

Make sure you don’t fill the dough with flour right away. Fill from a quarter of the mold, then write over grated palm sugar. It doesn’t have to be too dense, what matters the most important thing is to distribute the sugar evenly to the flour on the surface. Tighten the flour dough again. Keep it about three layers.

http the recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat also directly that if all the dough is in the mold, then you can start to steam. Don’t forget to boil the water with you. This is done so that the steaming process goes well, and the dough is cooked well so that it doesn’t get hard.

Tips when teasing this dongkal cookie dough to cook it horizontally are said to make a hole in the middle of the printed dough. This is so that steam in the process of greenery where the steam can get inside and help the process of cooking the leaves better cooked. Wait until about 30 minutes.

Tips for Serving a Dongkal Gar Cakes Is Getting More Delicious

The final step of http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat in making dongkal cakes is to serve them. Of course you can’t wait to try it out, right? To make it so delicious, don’t allow yourself to serve it by mistake. The following are serving advice 30 minutes later the dongkal cake is cooked and well cooked.

First you have to make coconuts that were prepared at the beginning. After the water has been poured and squeezed, you can start pouring the coconut for a few minutes until the cooking is a little bit drained. Don’t take too long because the coconut that’s been weeded on it can lose texture so it’s less palatable if it’s going to be eaten.

Once he’s finished steaming, leave him for a while so the temperature drops and freezes. After that, you can sprinkle the mashed coconut on top of a cooked dongkal cake. Or, you can also serve next to her. According to the http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat, you can enjoy it by stomping coconut on the nets.

Now, you can enjoy the sweet-tasting feel of palm sugar, plus a sweet sprinkle of coconut, as well as the delicate texture of tempting pandanus-flavored dough. Who doesn’t want you to try this traditional take immediately? Of course one family will love it and enjoy it often without being bored.

Isn’t it a problem to make this simple, delicious cake? As long as the ingredients you choose are fresh and accurate, then you can definitely serve this delicious cake. You can also find all the ingredients everywhere without any headaches. Even this food isn’t worth much.

Now, you can try this snack of making traditional West Javanese moths. There is no need to fear failure, because there is no process for making very complex jawans that require specific techniques. You just need to practice these recipes and simple tips from http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat.

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