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 Besides Garuda Indonesia Call Center, ini dia other channels

One of our efforts to provide our customers with the best Garuda service is to  use Garuda Indonesia call center, where you can contact them whenever you need to.  As one of Indonesia’s leading airlines, Garuda Indonesia strives to provide the best possible service to our customers, always receiving criticism and suggestions from our customers.

Criticism, suggestions, and forms of appreciation from customers have always been important values that Garuda Airlines needs to continue to grow. Constructive criticism will help Garuda to know things that are still not optimally given, and suggestions and appreciation will help them know what to keep.

The services that the Company must provide are channels or media liaison between the airline and the Customer. This includes, among other things, in addition to being closer to the consumer to accommodate the voice of the customer and create trust. That’s why the presence of the Ga Ruda Indonesia call center is so important.

It is  important that this main currency channel can deliver things to airlines as long as they know how. However, over time, Garuda Indonesia has expanded its wings even further by offering a variety of communication channels that are more flexible and popular in all circles. Here is the full review.

Garuda Indonesia Call Center, as the main channel of communication

Garuda Indonesia Airlines’ main connection to its customers is through the call center used. This is the most common channel that customers can use to get in touch with the airline. Of course, this method is easy only by calling the 08041807807, and it connects directly with the staff.

This main currency service connects you directly to the actual executives of Garuda Airlines. This makes  it easier to get more  accurate and  accurate answers from officers. It  is also easier to submit various complaints and suggestions and questions.

In general, if the call center service is limited to a certain amount of time, it has an advantage over other call centers other than the Garuda Indonesia call center. This main on-call service can be accessed 24 hours a day in a week. So, if there are various things you need to deliver whenever you can.

To pass through the service, you need to call the number earlier, and you  can start saying what you want to convey if it is connected.  It should mention not only a clear personal identity, but also a focused, key question. If you have a complaint, please provide your boarding number and ticket.

Get the latest  on Instagram social media

Another channel that can be used to convey complaints, appreciations or other questions about aviation is through social media. The social media used here is one of the most popular, namely Instagram. This media is used because it is well known by many people across Indonesia.

Simple use with a wide variety of content makes Instagram attractive to many. Through Garuda Indonesia,   Garuda Indonesia’s official Instagram account, you can forward suggestions, criticisms and even questions related to your flight via direct or direct message to Garuda Indonesia     .

Of course,   just like the Garuda Indonesia call center, you should ask the Garuda Indonesia  side a clear, short but concise question. Your message will be answered directly by a Garuda Indonesia executive or an employee on duty. However, you will have to wait patiently for a response there.

In addition to being able to deliver messages directly to the airlines, this social media has the advantage of being able to get a lot of up-to-date information related to Garuda Indonesia’s flights and services.   A photo of a  poster uploaded to Inst agr amnya can help you get this information.

Share your questions publicly via Twitter.

Twitter has also recently regained its popularity and has become a social media used by many people. Twitter allows users to ask questions freely by mentioning only the official Twitter account of Garuda Indonesia in their @GarudaCares. Your message will be replied to soon by the executive who runs this social media.

Unlike Garuda Indonesia call centers or  Instagram, where questions are closed, all questions can be read by others via Twitter, so here is the opportunity for customers to read each other’s questions with additional information needed to solve an obstacle or question.

This Twitter   makes it easier to get different kinds of information related to your flight. For example, there are promotions or other information you need. Surely,  this social media task is always running. However, it will take a certain amount of time to answer your questions.

If you mention Garuda’s official account on Twitter,  don’t lock your own account, because your message posts will certainly not be recorded and read by Garuda Indonesia’s Twitter account manager. As a result, you won’t  get an answer. If you want to keep it a little more private, you can use Direct Messages.

Garuda Indonesia uses email in addition to through the call center

Another channel that is also the main channel of Garuda Indonesia is through its official email address.  If you have a complaint or complaint via email,  you can not only express your question, but also include the necessary supporting documents.

Even through email, the person in charge of email operations will reply immediately to the content of the email as long as the message is clear and easily understandable. The way to ask questions and complaints is very easy. All  you have to do is send a message to the official Garuda Indonesia email address, which can be recorded on the  website.

For   general services, you  can send an email to  the  address. Meanwhile, if you want to receive baggage service,  you can  email the  directly. If you have any questions and book tickets, you can contact us via the address. addresses  can be used for Garuda Miles service.

You can start by populating the subject section of the email with the intent of the email (for example, a question related to booking a flight or a flight). This is to make your email  easier for the person in charge of this operation to find. You can then start filling the body of the email with messages.

Also,  make sure you have filled in your email address correctly instead of the Garuda Indonesia call center  .  This is because if you write down the wrong email address, the message will not be sent and you will not receive a reply from Garuda Indonesia. Of course,  don’t you want this to happen?

To get answers and answers in Garuda Indonesia, you need to be patient. Don’t be in a hurry and send the same email multiple times. Precisely because this is going to be a spam message that will be blocked by Garuda Indonesian Airlines.

If you want to contact Garuda Indonesia, you  don’t have to be confused anymore. Choose a channel that you are comfortable using via social media, email, or a basic connection.   If you don’t want to use the Garuda Indonesia call center, you  can also use live chat as a last resort.

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