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Вкусен рецепт Hayam Bakakak Kима Западна Јава Домашно

Indonesia is known for its people who want to use spice ingredients to improve taste, especially in the recipe for hayam bakak typical of Western Java.

If we watch dry cooking, it can go through the process of processing through frying, burning, baking or smoking. Then for soup dishes, you already know that the people who process it do not have many forms. Hayam bakakak himself is included in the specialty kitchen category because the process of making goes through the stages of mating and baking.

The two stages of processing are certainly intended to soak the spice and the meat becomes gentle when eaten. Many recipe processing variants besides west Javanese hayam bakakaka recipe use this method to highlight and improve the taste of spice dishes and small roofs in eating.

Of course, you can make it at home with simple ingredients yourself, but it still tastes like eating rice. But keep in mind because using the steam and baking phases, the necessary cooking utensils must also meet the criteria for spice to be able to absorb well into chicken meat.

How to process Hayam Bakakak recipes typical of West Java

You can make bakakachicken that you need to prepare the ingredients in advance, namely all the chicken that is divided into the middle. The proposal of jam chickens can use chicken meat so that meat can taste gentle and delicious. Then prepare 500 milliliters of dense coconut milk, 1 lemon grass stem, 2 orange leaves and a bay, 500 milliliters of water, salt and granular sugar to taste.

Then prepare 4 claws of onions, 8 claws of onions, 3 beans of pecan for a beautiful spice. Remember the 1 segment gallangal, 1 segment ginger, 1 tsp coriander and 1 tsp pepper, and then use all these spices for later use when you want to take chicken. But before that, you should smear the chicken with 3 claws of onions, 1 tbsp salt and 1 segment of curcuria in ±30 minutes.

The next step for processing west Javanese hayam bakakaka recipe is to strengthen small spices along with coconut milk and other ingredients until it creates a fragrant aroma. Then put the chicken that is allowed to stand earlier in the pan and wait until the spices are steamed.

When the spice is soaked in chicken meat, continue the step by baking the chicken until browned. At this stage, you can smear the chicken continuously so that the spice further emphasizes the taste of West Javanese bakaka chicken. If it looks boiled, the chicken is ready to be served alongside other fresh vegetables.

Features of Hayam Bakakak’s Taste Typical of West Java

Basically, Any processed meat must taste distinctive and this is no exception to the processed simple West Javanese hayam bakakaka recipe .

With a unique taste, you can feel salty sensitivity, but you still feel harmonious. Of course, these flavors can be adapted to any taste. Especially with the presence of vegetables and chili sauce, you will be able to try special dishes that can bee with warm rice. This dish can also be used for celebration or a particular event with the family.

If you want to see other variants of west Javanese bakakaka hayam recipe , many people have delivered articles on the Internet about their variants that you can use as a reference.

You can also distinguish existing recipes with your own culinary flavors such as adding spices to better highlight the taste of Indonesian cuisine. You can start a business selling grilled chicken using your own noodle recipe. The distinctive taste will be able to cause interest for many people to taste the kitchen from West Java.

Hayam Bakakak has a unique history and story behind his deliciousness

Basically, bakacott is interpreted by sitting on cross legs in Sundan, so the origin of why this dish is called bakakachicken is because chicken is made to divide into the middle with the thighs crossed as sitting crosslegs. In addition, the recipe for hayam bakakak is typical of West Java if often used during a particular celebration.

The cultural culture of the Sundanese or the Western Java region usually uses grilled chicken as a meal of a wedding celebration. The bride and groom will later eat the meal during Ijab Kabul’s ceremony for their cultural rituals. Dishes are eaten without rice so that the bride and groom can eat a bite or two mouths.

In addition to being used during wedding ceremonies, chicken granny dishes can also be used at traditional celebration or circumcision, which is a blessing of Happiness Day. Of course, this has become a cultural custom of the Sundan people, especially the Pandeglang area, which is transmitted for generations so that the recipe for hayam bakak typical of West Java remains original.

As we know whether the marital customs of each region have their own characteristics, both in central and Western Java. However, the two regions have cultural differences and ways to be grateful for them individually. If you are interested in the customs of wedding culture, there is nothing wrong with using bakakaka chicken dishes as a wedding blessing.

Hayam Bakakak Dishes are located only in some special places

Of indonesia’s many culinary dishes, ayam bakakak is one of the dishes rarely found wherever you look. Even so, there are still a few well-known restaurants that can serve this dish as the main menu. This is because many people don’t know how special this meal is.

But don’t worry because you can still make the typical West Javanese hayam bakakaka recipe with the recipe provided earlier or search for it yourself on the Internet. If you look at the processing method, it is really difficult, there is nothing wrong with trying to process this recipe because it is able to provide a distinctive taste and is different from other processed chicken meat.

It should be noted that native chicken is recommended because it can provide a delicious taste from other chickens. Then, if you want to do business using the hayam bakakak recipe, you should pay attention to the quality of the ingredients and products so as not to make customers regret it. The uniqueness of the characteristic salty salty sweet flavors will always be interesting for food to feel.

Because it is rarely found elsewhere, then of course this is a good business idea for you to try. Start with the basics by opening a food stand in your house and promoting the deliciousness of grilled chicken to everyone. Improvise west Javanese hayam bakakaka recipe in your own variation in order to attract many customers.

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