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Check West Java KK Number with Internet Help


When taking care of administrative files and not enough personal information,  you  need to check the West Java Online Family Card via internalt. Especially if you are far from home and you only have an ID card, it is very difficult if you need to contact the house first.

At the moment, the existence of a family card (KK) is really important, as in different institutions data on the number of KK are very necessary. You also need it for the phone card registration process. So, for those of you who don’t have this card, you should make sure they register immediately. Because later it will require different needs.

The existence of a family card is useful not only for dealing with government offices, but also with financial institutions, schools and others. Without KK, the administrative process will often be hampered. Because the number listed in this is the identity for the family as well as the members in it.

The production of family cards is not only possible in the Dukcapil office, but also offers online services. Because during the pandemic, almost all government administration services are carried out online so as not to create crowds. You can also use it for data-changing services and missing KK reporting.

However, you can rely on online services opened by each civil registration office in each region. Well, before researching more about this online service, you need to know what is important to KK and various other information. Let’s take a look at the next description.

Citizens’ right to a family card

All citizens have rights and must have a family card. Unlike an ID card owned by one person at a time, KK can own several persons at once. Because it contains information about each family member. Like father, mother, son, or grandma and grandfather.

The family card is not only the head of the family, although in reality there is a description of the family structure, and the head of the family is in the first consecutive number. Any member in this record may use KK to supplement administrative needs.

Checking the current West Java KK number can be done in an easy way at any time. Because in today’s sophisticated era, you can use the Internet as a source of different information. This is only needed through the search engine and the desired information will be available.

To make a family card, you need to make several requirements, namely the rt title letter with rw signature, a photocopy of the marriage book or marriage certificate, and other proofs. You can do the manufacturing process by visiting the Dukcapil office or doing so online.

Web services cannot only use the data creation and update service. Checking West Jave KK numbers is also a feature of the online service on the website of the civil registry service  . Remember that not everyone can remember the number, especially when used only at any time.

Meaning of family cards in administrative files

Checking KK Online West Java can only be done by people who already have it. Having KK is mandatory for all Indonesian women, as this certificate will be able to be used for a variety of administrative needs, including:

  1. Required for the process of creating the Card ID

Data for the production of identity cards will be taken from KK, as nik and other relevant information is already on the list. In the meantime, additional information will be obtained during the process of creating the card ID.


  1. Required to open a savings account

When you want to open a savings account, you must also include KK. This requirement applies to all national banks. If it does not include it, the registration submitted will be refused because it is not sufficient.


  1. Required to exloe a birth certificate

A birth certificate or birth certificate is important as a child’s identity before the child’s age can receive an ID card. In the process of producing the works, KK is required as parental information, which will form the basis for the subsequent production of works. Without a family id, the process of producing a birth certificate will be hampered.


  1. Required for credit login

The application for vehicle, house loans and even electronic goods also requires a family card, so that the information provided is indeed valid so that a credit application can be granted.


  1. Required for creating a passport

A passport must be required for travelling abroad and the passport process must include a birth certificate, family card and a diploma. For online creation and forgetting the KK number, you can check the West Java  KK number on the capil institution’s page.

Don’t Have a KK Yet, You Can Create It Online

If you still don’t have KK, you don’t have to worry because you can be online, especially for couples who just got married, you need to make sure that you don’t have any problems in the future. Because he’s currently taking care of different things, this family arrangement is a letter. Here’s the perfect procedure:

  1. First, ask for a letter with an introduction to RT, make sure rw has also signed the letter.
  2. Request a registration form in kelurahan by including rt cover letters and filling out the form in full.
  3. After completing the form, take a photo of the form and ask for the official Dukcapil number on kelurahan for an online registration application.
  4. Then wait for the manufacturing process and check West Java Online KK after it is declared complete.

Another way is to register on the official website of the Office of the Civil Register of West Jave. Register when registration opens. Each Dukcapil has fixed registration hours and quota limits. After completing the form, attach a photo of the wedding certificate and the RT cover.

Easy Ways to Check KK Online West Java

Sometimes at critical times and in a short time you need information about the family card number. For example, when registering online. When you encounter a situation like this, don’t panic yet. Because there are several ways that can help you beat it right away. Especially if you have a cell phone with an Internet connection, everything will be easy.

The Internet as a technological product can provide you with comfort, one of these is a simple way to check the West Java Online Family Card.  You  don’t have to go home or be wrong with people at home, just do it:

  1. Chat service. You can get to +62811-800-537-3 via WA Chat. Use the format nama-nik (can be seen on KTP)-no.telephone-problem.
  2. Use the 24-hour help service by e-mail to: with the contents of your postal name, the resident card and the personal data on other ID cards. Fill in the e-mail subject with a request for family card number information.
  3. On the Home Office website, select the menu to find the family card numbers, then enter the national personal number and wait a moment before the required information is displayed. The website address is
  4. Create an account on the Website of the Civil Registry Web Service, and then access the population data search service to find the information you need. Page title:
  5. Use your social media account and visit the FB page of DG Dukcapil or @ccdukcapil (twitter), then send it to the DM admin according to a convenient problem.

Depending on their civic identity function, every Indonesian citizen and foreigner must have a family card. Not only as an identity, but also to complete various administrative files. Simply now, creating and checking KK Online West Java can be done using the  Internet.

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