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Contact Adira Call Center for Easy Credit Services

Want to get a new vehicle but don’t plan to buy it in cash? Contact the adira call centre for information on the best credit. Owning a vehicle is not only a matter of prestige, but also a matter of the usefulness of the object.

Seeing the increased function of the vehicle, you may need it right now. But unfortunately, not all parties can reach increasingly ascendant vehicle prices. As an alternative, you can use the credit option from Adira Finance.

Not only does it provide vehicle loan services, in fact the company also provides convenience to customers in financing for different types of goods. Curious about the service? Before you contact the adira call center, it is a good idea to listen to the following description.

Dod i adnabod Adira Dynamics Multi Finance

Founded under the name PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance, consumers generally know this company with Adira Finance. Adira is one of the finance companies for customers involved in the purchase of a number of goods such as motorcycles, cars, furniture, electronic equipment, to multipurpose credit.

The company’s flagship product leasing services for new and used vehicle products. With a network of over 600 branch offices, this company has 18,000 employees spread across all cities in Indonesia. Moreover, this finance company also has business and consumer partners of up to three million people.

Developing an application-based social media platform to support consumer services, PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance provides buying and selling services using the online method. If you plan to use one of this company’s services, try contacting Adira’s call centre for more complete information.

Cynhyrchion Blaenllaw Adira Multi Finance

Over time, this company now brings several advanced products to its consumers. For more details, check out the full description of their outstanding features below.

  1. Car financing

Vehicle finance is the most basic feature offered by this company to consumers. With two methods, namely conventional and sharia, service users can choose features according to their needs. This feature also includes two purchase options, be it a new or used car.

  1. Motor finance

In addition to financing four-wheeled vehicles, Adira also provides two-wheeled vehicle financing services. If you plan to become a customer, you can use conventional or sharia mechanisms. For information on the amount of down payment and other requirements, you only need to contact Arira’s call centre  as soon as possible.

  1. Electronics and furniture financing

Another feature that is less in demand in the eyes of consumers is the financing of electronic goods and furniture. Air conditioners, laptops, refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions are electronic items that can be applied for credit. While furniture, you can credit items like cabinets, chairs, sofas, and other household needs.

  1. Multipurpose finance

You can use multipurpose finance for many purposes such as education, Umrah, health insurance, and even home renovation. For warranties, the versatile feature accepts BPKB warranty for either four-wheeled or two-wheeled vehicles. Curious about the application procedure? Contact the adira call centre for more information.

Pengajuan Terms and Conditions  You Need to Know

If you are interested in partnering with Adira Finance, you must complete the following conditions as a condition of delivery. Look at the following conditions.

  1. Electronic Finance and Furniture
  2. Make sure you are an Indonesian citizen as evidenced by ID Card
  3. You must be at least 21 years old and 55 years old as the maximum age limit when installation ends
  4. You are also required to have an income of 1 million per month for the application
  5. Please note that the interest given by the company is different in each branch
  6. There is a minimum funding limit of 1 million to 100 million rupiah
  7. Customers are not subject to charges or warranties
  8. When initially submitting, customers also do not charge special fees
  9. Users of the service are required to pay an administration fee with a certain nominal gender


  1. Multipurpose Credit Application

Unlike applying for financing for electronic devices and furniture, when applying for multipurpose credit, you need to meet the following conditions.

  1. You must include a Non-Resident Card (PTG) for either husband or wife
  2. In addition, customers are also required to include a Family Card
  3. The next requirement is to include a payslip document or income certificate
  4. C ustomer is required to have documents of home ownership, vehicle registration, land and construction tax, as well as phone bills.
  5. Finally, customers need to include the completeness documents of their vehicles such as BPKB, STNK, and Original Invoice.

What is Adira’s Customer Service Number?

Some users may be curious about what things need to be prepared when using the Adira Finance feature. You may also be wondering, how do you contact the adira call centre just for consultation? No need to worry because this company also provides information support center services to its users.

The company itself provides a dedicated service for an information centre called Dering Adira Finance. All users’ information needs can be easily solved through such services. The number you can call is in 1500511 with a free 24-hour service.

Use of Customer Complaint Centre services

Want to use information services and contact Adira’s call centre? Not only as a vehicle to cater to consumer aspirations, this information service also provides several other features including:

  1. Confirmation

You can use this feature as a confirmation tool. Users generally receive notifications that are suspected of being fraudulent. To ensure the accuracy of the notice, you can contact the company’s customer service number. Customer Service will receive your report and then confirm the issue.

  1. Hysbysrwydd

In addition to confirmation, you can also contact Adira’s call centre for specific information. For example, if you forget the nominal amount of settings that are charged associated with your settings, you can use this option. In addition to the cost, customers can ask for the date or some other important information as well.

  1. Complaints

This feature was created with the aim of accommodating complaints or reports coming from customers. If you find some problems during the deployment of this company, you can contact customer service directly to complain about the problem.

Are there any other media besides calls?

However, if you find some difficulties when you have to contact  Adira’s  call centre just to ask for information or lodge a complaint, Adira provides other media for these purposes. One of the media that can be used is the official social media from the company.

You can use some media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even LinkedIn to get information or communicate existing problems. In addition, the official application from the company, namely Adiraku, can also be a main application for customers who want to access various features of the media in the form of an application platform.

Being a customer of a finance company certainly cannot be separated from many obstacles and problems that can arise at any time. For those of you who want to lodge a complaint related to the service or just want to find out more, try to contact Adira’s call centre as  soon as possible.


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