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Attracting a Panin call center for more secure transactions

Panin Bank is one of the banks that always prioritizes the security of its customers’ operations and provides a panin call center.   The call center from Panin is ready to serve you at any time with swiftness and responsiveness.

The higher the mobility  of your transactions, the higher the risk that account security will be compromised. It’s no secret if many criminals can now increase your  account  balance when the security of  tran witnesses is not guaranteed.

The more advanced the technology, the more perfect crime  will be in this world. Many people unwittingly steal the balances on their accounts by cybercriminals. It obviously doesn’t want to be felt by anyone. However, for Panin customers, the security of their transactions is guaranteed.

Even if something happens unwanted for its customers, with the services of the Panin call center,  everything will be processed as best as possible. For those  of you who do not know the services of the call center of this bank, then we will introduce it to you.

Panin Bank call center services

Like call centers owned by other banks, the Panin Bank call center also serves all customer needs. Starting from complaint services, when problems arise in the system, complaints about the loss of ATMs or credit cards, requests to close bank or ATM accounts, and so on.

You can contact the bank’s call center at 500678 (PSTN), 021-2515555 (IDD) or 60678 (mobile phone). All three numbers can be adjusted by contacting them using landlines or mobile phones.

Tips on how to avoid fraud through ATMs

So far, it is indisputable that there are so many cases of fraud involving ATM users. Many of these scams occur because customers are very gullible because of the cash bait offered by scammers.

However, first of all, the client is asked to first transfer a certain amount of money. After that, the impostor will run away without a trace. There are many other methods of fraud that you need to know. For those of you who don’t want to fall into the trap, Panin Bank has tips to avoid it.

  1. Ignore sms notifications about the draws

The most common method of fraud in society begins with a short message containing a cash draw. Then, you are asked to send a certain amount of money to the sender of SMS.

If you received such an SMS, then it is better to simply ignore it. Because it is certain that this is a scam, or you can also contact the Panin call center.

  1. ATM swallowed

The case of swallowing an ATM was very common, but it turns out that the case was actually used by some people to trigger their evil intentions. When you face such an incident, you should know when someone is offering to help contact Panina’s call center via their mobile phone.

You  better contact the call center via your own mobile phone to ask to block the card and provide information about the location of the ATM.

  1. Suspicious items on ATMs

Before making a transaction at an ATM, you must first determine that there are no strange objects around the  car. Especially in the card reader section. Contact the call center when you find strange objects around the ATM.

This is because many people intentionally store devices that block cards. So, the balance of your  ATM automatically moves to the offender’s balance.

Tips for making transactions using mobile banking

The use of mobile banking is now very widespread and is increasing day by day. This is explained by the fact that the convenience obtained from m-banking helps a lot in all types of transactions. Like ATMs, mobile banking is also not without security threats.

However, Panin Bank has tips on safe transactions using m-banking, namely:

  1. Downloading the M-Banking application from official sources of Panin Bank

You can download through the playstore or appstore, but keep in mind that the development company must be with Panin Bank. If it doesn’t come from Panin Bank, then you’re not trying to use it. Because it is very risky for fraud.

But if you have already downloaded it, you can contact the Panin call center to  block your  account as soon as possible.

  1. Using a secure Internet

When you want to open the m-banking application, it is highly recommended to use a private internet network and have a powerful security system. Because if you don’t, your  account will be very vulnerable to being hacked by irresponsible people.   Therefore, it is highly discouraged to use public wi-fi.

  1. Change your PIN regularly

To enhance the security of your m-banking account, it is highly recommended to change your PIN code regularly. Because maybe someone guessed the PIN and did something disastrous.

  1. Contact our Call Centre in case of loss of your phone

Since there is a phone call on your  m-banking account,  you will have to contact the call center to block the m-banking account.

Tips for safe walking

The crime of pisching is a terrible scourge for account holders. The reason is that the perpetrator will take all the data of our personal account. From ID to PIN to get your account balance.

Phishing can be carried out by a criminal by creating a website that is very similar to the original destination bank website. Sometimes, the appearance of such a web does not differ at first glance. So many people are cheating. Here are tips to help you avoid experiencing phishing.

  1. Always enter the legal address of the bank. Although it has an identical appearance, when viewed from the address of the site, it will definitely be different. For Panin Bank customers, make sure that the site you go to
  2. Don’t share your ID or PIN information with anyone. Both of these things are completely yours and confidential.
  3. If you encounter Pishing, contact the Panin call center immediately to block or charge a fee.
  4. Do not click on links that contain sweepstakes and other methods of fraud.

Tips for safe operation through Internet banking

In addition to ATMs and mobile banking, Internet banking is also very popular and has many users. This type of transaction is also threatened, like other types of transactions. However, of course, all this can be avoided by following the following transaction tips.

  1. Accessing panin’s official website when making transactions is the most important security key.
  2. When accessing the site, make sure that your browser performs SSL encryption, which is marked by the appearance of a lock in the top panel. If there is no padlock image,  you should exit immediately as it is very vulnerable to hacking your bank account.
  3. Before logging in, you must really determine if the site you are entering is correct and open the cloned site.
  4. Using a firewall as computer security against hacker interference or cybercrime.
  5. Never show or share your ID and PIN with anyone else, even your closest person.
  6. Install an antivirus to eliminate the possibility of hacking or damaging the system due to a virus. Contact the Panin call center when you are already exposed to the virus.

The security of all types of transactions is certainly very important and there should be a guarantee from the bank. Therefore, Panin Bank is always available through the Panin call center service  to help you.

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