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Types of traditional clothing popular in West Java and their peculiarities

Traditional clothing from West Javahas its own popularity and peculiarities compared to other regions. Although it is still one area with central Java and East Java. In fact, there are significant differences in terms of traditional dress. Not only that, but thelanguage is also different. Dandanese, Javanese, and even crazy daa.

When you seethese differences, you are surely curious not about what they are? In fact, in western Java or western Java, almost all the inhabitants are indigenous to the Sundhani tribe. Unless there is a PandatAng who settled there for many years. Known as one of the most popular Indonesian tribes. By observance there are high customs.

It’s not wrong jikkaa lot of things are transferred from the ancestors. Perhaps this could be evidence frominscriptions, temples, inheritance objects, and of course traditional clothes. In all parts of Indonesia, it is certainly not separated from the influence of Buddhism and Hinduism. So the pattern of all the regional clothes of West Java cannot be separated fromthepattern.

Go deeperinto the clothes from West Java. There are several types of clothing that can be used. It all depends on the social strata, be it the middle and lower classes. It is natural that this type of conceptis that in the past, Indonesia still knew the name of the caste distribution system.

Therefore, for those ofyouwho are curious about what are the traditional types of clothing from West Java, there is no need to worry that we will discuss everything that is popular here. Starting with the clothes of the upper middle class, middle class and lower class. Everything is absolutely guaranteed to be complete, so the need for this information will definitely meet.

Custom West Java wedding attire

Everythingwe talked about abouttraditional clothes in West Java. It will definitely never escape the bride event. This sacred event does need special equipment so that the promise of a lifetime can last. So what clothes are often used by the indigenous people of the Sundan tribe?

For clothes called Sukapura, which must be recognized. The image of this shirt is very simple because the bride wears only a kabaya wrapped in white brocade. Then the waist is tied with a gold-colored belt. Along with a white slot shoe guide. Adds a simple impression compared to others.

It is much different from the center of Java where the traditional clothes of the bride and groom are more complex. Returning to the main theme, the groom is only required to wear a closed white robe. But the belt used is red. Symbolizes the courage to take responsibility for all the problems that will face them in the future.

Then for footwear using white slot shoes. It is still the same as the bride Karen Aboy Kakisymbolizes the toppengen. Both carry the weight of the stairs, it is hoped that the continuity of the marriage can last forever. How simple is not sukapura compared to clothes from other areas of the island and penghuni java.

Official Event for West Java Clothing

Surely youalready know that in WestJava there is a mojang jejaka search event? In fact, it is the same as with JackRetta who is looking for a candidate for a brother every year. Everything is done for tourist purposes. Develop regional talent by looking for talented influencers. Became one of the goals she established.

Mujang is a female candidate who seeks to promote the wider region of Bandung. They will be dressedin k-ebat cloth, bebeur, bridal decoration as usual. Mungkin konde, pins, bracelets, necklaces and so on. Nowadays, it may be possible to combine traditional clothes for official events with a veil.

So there is no need to use konde anymore because everything is more flexible. So what about Gijaca? Because their clothes are simpler. Use only a black or dark suit. Wrapped in blue or red ornaments on the suit pocketto add to the uniqueness ofthis traditional dress in West Java. There are also additional accessoriesthat can be added.

For this outfit, it does not apply only to the search event of Mojang Jejaka. It could be in a formal cultural show, at the inauguration of a building, and whatever it was. The dot is used to show the characteristics of the jabar. The simple yet elegant look is indeed its characteristic that can never be forgotten.

Traditional West Java clothing for conglomerates

For traditional clothing, it is indeedusedfor certain circles only. Hliner the noble class of the kingdom who could wear it in their time. For its use can be adapted whether at official events or brides. Usually the long production processtakesa lot of time, so the price becomesexpensive.

The décor has been undoubtedly more luxurious and glamorous. A lot of money does make your cassette abuy. The impression of the wearer’s aura will increase so that it looks more authoritative. Whether male or female is certainly more respectable. For free women want to wear kebaya, dress up and even gamis.

Then the edges are sewn with gold thread. This certainly addsto its uniqueness. Bisaalso added accessories such as bracelets, gold, necklaces and rings. A glamorous but elegant impression will definitely be displayed from it. The wearer of this shirt will never go unnoticed by the audience.

So what about men? For men usually use dark shirt suits. Most of the bloderot suits evoke a more luxurious impression. For the price, don’t ask because it’s expensive. This clothing model can also be used in the name of Western Java sukapura traditional clothing. The impression of marriage will increase .

West Java Medium Clothing and ke Bawah

The traditional dress of West Java is an ancestral heritage. So until now he still uses the caste system. For the middle class, you can use the combination of free kebaya. It can be from batik fabric, sutton, and so on. The combination of subordinates is also more flexible with the aim of aligning with superiors.

As for men. Usually wear a white shirt, then add a headband, watch, gold, orother accessories. Sedangkanfor subordinates can wear pants with padded bandage. Like people wearing pants but wrapped in sarong. Gives the impression of being simple but still authoritative.

Despite this, in this outfit of the middle class, she can still wear gold and silver. But most of them use money to save more. After all, shades of silver are still not inferior to gold. Just adjust it according to the user’s needs if you want to use gold or silver later.

Then for the lower middle class, usually only simple clothes are allowed. Ifit is necessary to compare it to the prestigious aspect ofonglomart clothing, it is already much different. For the most part, the common people wear a cloth with a leather belt. It is still often worn by the Baduy clan and the shape is exactly the same.

Although it seems simple, the quality presented from its philosophy is still very thick. What’s not because Neko-Neko doesn’t show an attitude of getting a KiaDan. To be clear, men wear sarongs attached to the shoulders. Similarto the old Uku-tribesisn’t it? Thenwomen wear a simple kebaia.

Batik motifs are decorated with jukong coils, levong and ring bracelets. It is clear that the nuances will look graceful quality. Howdo you understand about the types of clothingfrom West Java? In general, the drawings of the traditional clothes of West Java arelike this,so make sure that this knowledgecan beuseful in the future.

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